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Protective Bee Baby Head Protection Pillow




🐾Is your child taking its first steps?
Protect them from injuries of the fall with our Baby Head Protection Pillow

A Baby’s body is so sensitive. 🎈 The period when toddlers learn how to walk is very important and dangerous.

We, adults, should take care of our infants. Baby Head Protection Pillow creates a soft layer of protection.

🤸‍♀️Even if your child falls, it will not get a bruise.


🐝 This Baby Head Protection Pillow for toddlers with a cute design lets your baby look like a bee.

Made of cotton, our Protection Pillow is very soft and can’t be injurious to your baby’s health.



💯 Little children learning walking, running, and crawling, may easily fall down and hurt their head and shoulder.

This cute Baby Head Protection Pillow will help you protect your kids.

It protects HEAD, SHOULDERS, NECK, AND BACK of your toddler.

Put it on just like a backpack.



🎈It is light and doesn’t press on your baby’s head or shoulders.

Straps are designed according to the baby anatomy. It will be comfortable for your infant and he won’t feel tight.

Your baby will love the cute and funny design of this pillow which will make your baby recognizable.

  • Cute and funny shape
  • Super soft material, no pilling, no fading, not off-line, easy to clean
  • Pillow is solid and durable
  • High quality 100% PP cotton, more breathable, more comfortable
  • Recommended Age Range: 0~4 Years Old



  1. Shock absorber that prevents damage and pain to the back of the head during a fall back.
  2. Recommended for use in infants and toddlers, crawling/sitting and standing stages until independent walking.
  3. Most babies forget about it after a few moments and do not try to take it off.


Additional information

Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 33 × 20 × 5 cm

Brown, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Piggy, Deer, Rabbit, Lion



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