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L-Shaped Corner Guards

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20x baby edge protector, table corner protector, child protection, transparent protective pad including adhesive tape

Edge protection Set: 20x corner protector including adhesive tape for the whole apartment.
UNIVERSAL FIT ?ALLROUND PROTECTION: With 40 x 40 x 15mm size and 6mm upholstery the Momentures corner protectors offer reliable shock protection for tables, cabinets and all other sharp edges.
EASY APPLICATION: The 20x Baby Edge Protection Set comes with a strong adhesive tape, which is already attached. Simply peel off and install the protective film, done.
TRANSPARENT DESIGN: Virtually invisible, the corner protectors do not affect the appearance of your furniture.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are so confident of the quality of the high quality Momentures baby corner protector that we give you two years warranty. You buy without risk.

The perfect edge protection complete set for the whole apartment!
Sharp edges on tables, cabinets and other pieces of furniture can be made safer with these transparent protective cushions for your baby. The already applied adhesive tape makes installation easy and fast.
UNIVERSAL FIT -ALL ROUND PROTECTION: outside dimensions 40 x 40 x 15mm. Internal dimensions 35 x 35 x 10 mm. Thickness: 6mm
VERSATILE: The protective pads are useful not only for babies and children, but also for moving or protecting the walls from scratches and holes, behind doors, etc. They will find many applications.
2. DO NOT test the adhesive force immediately, press all sides of the edge protector firmly for at least 5 seconds, so that the full adhesion can develop and the corner protector can last a long time. If the adhesive only weakly pressed, it naturally falls off quickly.
3. Please use ALL four adhesive pads on each side to keep the corner protectors reliable. Adults can easily remove the protective pads. For children, it is not possible for safety reasons.
TWO YEARS SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are so convinced by the quality of the high quality Momentures baby corner protectors that we give you a two-year warranty. Order without risk and test yourself!