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Baby White Noise Machine with 9 natural sounds for better sleep



πŸ€” Your baby can’t sleep at night?

With our White Noise Machine your whole family will sleep like a baby!

πŸ’€ Buy and have sweet dreams πŸ’€

Baby White Noise Machine

9 kinds of natural sounds

πŸ”‰ white noise, 🌊 wave sound, 🐦 birdsong, πŸ’¦ waterfall, πŸ¦— cricket sound, πŸ’§rain and πŸ’€3 lullabies

Choose the one you like according to your mood! Create a perfect condition for falling asleep.

Baby White Noise Machine Sleep

βœ” Portable design allows to take the White Noise Machine anywhere.

βœ” The White Noise Machine may be turned on during the whole night or the automatic shutdown timer will take care of you and will turn it off.

βœ” This White Noise Machine is not only helpful for sleeping. It also helps to concentrate, to stay calm in a noisy traffic jam or to relax after a hard day.

βœ” You may use it non-stop for 36 hours.

Baby White Noise Machine Compact

Product information:

Material: ABS+PC+silicone+electronic components
Size: 3.15 x 3.15 x 1.30 in
Input voltage: DC5V
Working voltage: 4.2v
Charging current: 1A
Power: 1W
Battery capacity: 1200MA
Charging method: USB
Charging time: 1.5h
Use time: 36h
Color: White


Package Includes: 1 x White Noise USB Machine

0 responses to “Baby White Noise Machine with 9 natural sounds for better sleep”

  1. My wife has a very hard time falling asleep. She has multiple fans running and she cannot go to sleep without it. I don’t like the fans running which makes my respiratory system dry and allergies. This machine does the same noise without the wind and its a Win Win for both. Love that it has so many noise options and a timer.
    I really recommended for anyone who has issues falling asleep.

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