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😴 BetterBabySleep Starry Night Light

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Whether it’s time to play or time to nap, this versatile night light can help.

⭐ Lights. 🌠 Stars. 💫 Naptime. 🌌

Take a trip to the cosmos! Our fascinating baby night light can dazzle up any room or nursery with three bright colors and four fun light modes.


⏲️ Set a naptime timer or record a soothing lullaby for your baby with the clever built-in timer and voice recording functions of this wondrous light. 🎼


Scientists have discovered that music has a profound impact on babies by releasing anxiety and making your baby feel safe and protected. This is the most effective alternative to nursing or rocking your baby to sleep.


The fascinating lights and sounds will ease your baby’s anxiety so he/she is calm when bedtime arrives.


If the baby is asleep (or not home) and you need a special atmosphere for a movie night with friends or a loved one, let this star-projecting wonder double for you as a magical light source in the dark.


Starry Baby Night Light Features

A Faster Way to Help Your Baby Sleep with lots of clever features

  • Projection Lamp with 3 Bright Colors and 4 Fun Light Modes.
  • Soft Music Playback to calm your baby with built-in timer (30 and 60 minutes)
  • Microphone & Voice recording feature to record your own personal lullaby for your baby
  • Cute and sturdy design, built to resist bumps, hits or falls while looking friendly and interesting

Starry Baby Night Light Features

Starry Baby Night Light Bump Resistant

Starry Baby Night Light Specifications:

Starry Baby Night Light Product Size

Package Includes:

1 x Starry Baby Night Light (1.5V AA batteries not included)


Get your 😴 BetterBabySleep Starry Night Light now. You and your baby will love it!

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MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We think you’re going to love this Night Light as much as we do! But in case you don’t, you are covered by our 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. We want our customers to be 100% happy.

Starry Baby Night Light Product Review

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  1. As soon as I turned it on all my grandkids ran in the room it was super enjoyable to them. It has many settings anything from dancing to sleeping mode. Really didn’t anticipate how much coverage I went in my open ceiling living room it lit my entire dining and living room up!!

  2. Bought it for our baby that loves lights for Christmas. Sets up easy and has good range. The star cover is a little bit flimsy and can be dented, but it also forms back into place pretty easily. Lots of color variation choices. Most importantly though the baby loves it.

  3. This is an awesome product. My wife and I have bought very expensive items similar to this one and this one is the best so far. Worth every penny our daughter loves it.

  4. My boys love this nightlight, especially the settings that include 2-3 colors. I love that it comes with a hard shell cover to keep the dome exterior protected however you do have to remove it for the shapes to be legible on the walls. Great product, reasonable price, highly recommend!

  5. Got this for my 5yr old daughter so she can have a little light to fall asleep and to walk to the bathroom at night. She lives the colors and watches them to fall asleep. My 8yr old loves it too…no more arguing at bedtime! Came exactly as described and bright enough to offer comfort without be too bright.

  6. Purchased for my 1.5 year old to use as a nightlight. He loves it! Works great right out of the box. I love that you can change the colors or dim the brightness. I looked at many of these and so many were much more expensive that I was hesitant to purchase this one, but I’m glad I did.

  7. I bought this for my 88 year old dad who has dementia, is bedridden and some times gets quite agitated. We were made aware that these lamps can be calming effect and can be a good distraction. It worked quite well. My dad enjoyed watching while listening to music. I am so glad I bought this, it has been a great help!

  8. I bought this for my daughter’s birthday and she absolutely loved it! She’s still fairly young, so this acts as her night light when she’s sleeping. She kept telling me it was her favorite gift and it was so affordable. Super easy to use and makes bright, but not too bright, light patterns with different colors, or just white. Definitely recommend!

  9. This is an uncomplicated night light projector that does as advertised. There are several options of color combinations and it’s fun for toddlers to explore them. I do wish the dome had been made of a sturdier plastic as my toddler crinkled it immediately (but thankfully, it can be fixed and does return to its shape).

  10. Very cute night light. My kids love it. It has multiple settings. Can be used with or without the scenary and colors change. You can have the stars and moon or just plain light if you need. My kids are so excited for bed time now because they can’t wait to turn on their night light. I would recommend this. It’s worked great so far over the last week.

  11. I’ve had this light for about a month and love it so far. I got it for our 2 month old. She loves to watch the lights move around on the ceiling and it keeps her calm and entertained. You can choose different colors and patterns for the lights.

  12. We ordered this for my teenage daughters galaxy bedroom. We are renting our home so we could not paint stars or put glow-in-the dark stars up; so this was a perfect solution. She loves it! It lights up her room well.

  13. My kids LOVE this lamp! We were having a lot of trouble getting our 2 year old to stay in bed and fall asleep without having to resettle him repeatedly. The night we put this projector in his room, he stayed in bed and fell asleep faster than he has in a long time! My daughter loves hers too.

  14. This little night light is amazing star show! There are a ton of color combinations – our favorite is the red/white/blue. The motion just makes it that much more fascinating to watch! Would recommend for any child’s room or any adult who loves these types of things!

  15. I’ve gotten this projection toy for my 4 year old niece and nephews. They love it. It’s not the best quality, but it works. The kids love the stars. I think it’s a perfect gift for little kids who sometimes aren’t exposed to the little things that can create awe and fun memories.

  16. This nightlight provides just the right amount of light to provide security of going to sleep to a child without providing too much light to keep them awake. The stars and moon are a fun way to have a night light.

  17. Says baby night lite but all my kids love it (my oldest is almost 12). I like the fact you can switch the colors. The buttons make it very easy to use. It makes very little noise (mostly white noise sounding).

    Says baby night lite but all my kids love it

  18. Great product. It has RGB light settings and looks great in the dark. It is really simple to use and you can plug it in to a USB wall plug or put in batteries. It also spins if you turn on the setting. If you change the cover over the lights it can even be used as a small lamp or a night light with your choice of color.

    Great product

  19. I absolutely love this product! I had purchased a similar product for my son when he was an infant, he has absolutely loved it. I noticed the lights on that starting to go out so I purchased this as a replacement. This product is far superior to the item we replaced it with. The lights are brighter and appear better on the walls. They even spread further. I’m extremely happy with this and love that my son can continue to admire the stars and moon.

    I absolutely love this product

  20. I got something similar to this for my son and he loved it. We’ve had it 2 years now and it’s perfect, but it does have a timer. So when my daughter was born, we bought this one for my son because it can be left on all night with no timer.

    my son loved it

  21. Its a simple projector. The multiple LED lights keep my kids busy. It projects well on a shelve like I did or even on the floor to fill the ceiling. I ended up using batteries because the kids kept wanting to move around with it. Hopefully they will stop some day and I will plug it into the wall. The projector’s construction is simple and box seems cheap but its a good buy to lighten up the room before bedtime.

    The multiple LED lights keep my kids busy

  22. I bought this night light for my toddlers bedroom but I now want one for my own bedroom. When I first saw the size of the light I was thinking it was too small to light up the whole room but was I wrong. The images project all across the ceiling with just the right amount of brightness. It is very relaxing to fall asleep with this light. I think this is a nice product to give as a gift.

    It is very relaxing to fall asleep with this light

  23. My baby just loves staring at the colorful twinkling stars and moon projected on to the roof. Some reviewers mentioned the quality of plastic is cheap and not strong enough – but I completely disagree. It is sturdy enough and does the job perfectly – unless you leave it in-front of the kid and ask them to break it. I’d say, its multi functional feature – night light with the cover or night light projector without the film is the best feature.

    My baby just loves staring at the colorful twinkling stars and moon

  24. I got this product for my daughter, as my wife and I had just completely remodeled her room; my daughter loves space, so naturally, we wanted to get her a space themed night light. My daughter loves this nightlight and the fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty, is absolutely wonderful. I would definitely recommend this product, if you or your child are into galactic themed, or if you want a soothing, bright, night light for them that’s easy to operate.

    My daughter loves this nightlight

  25. This product is one of my favorite night lights for our daughter, in fact this is the third one we’ve bought. The last one we gifted to a friend and her daughter and the first one was when my daughter was little and she was rough with the top and broke it. It’s been something we’ve had since the day we brought her home from the hospital and she will probably have it until she moved out 😛 or becomes to cool for it. The color options are great, the ease of use is always helpful and it lasts a long time. The diffuser is great too if the lights are too bright. I highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone!

    I bought this for my nieces

  26. I bought this for my nieces (ages 1, 3, and 4) who do a lot of traveling with their family. Because the three girls are so young and have an ever changing place to sleep/stay, I thought this would be a good ‘constant’ in their bedtime routine. Even if they’re at someone else’s house or in a hotel, they can always count on seeing the star lights above their head at nighttime. It works great and I’ve been extremely happy with the purchase! The girls love it!

    one of my favorite night lights for our daughter

  27. I purchased this for my seven-year-old daughter. She was absolutely thrilled. It works very well. It has the option of different colored lights, you can set it to spin, and you can set it to blink.

  28. This is the 2nd time we have bought one. My son got one last Christmas, but he destroyed the thin cover on top that has the design on it. I got him another one this year since he is 6 and will not likely tear it up after losing it last year. He really liked the lights and designs ( as did my 9 year old daughter).

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