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Silicone Makeup Sponge



Never Waste Your Makeup Again! This is the silicone makeup blender that every YouTuber and Instagrammer is talking about!

  • This silicone makeup sponge is perfect for blending out liquid and cream makeup. Stippling is a breeze, and you only use half the makeup!
  • Made of silicone and encapsulated in a super-flexible material, this sponge won’t soak in your foundation, highlighter, or cream blush. Just one drop only (yay, more for your face!)
  • Flawless, airbrushed makeup looks every time.
  • Our see-through, cutlet-like tool has a non-porous silicone surface so it is very easy and quick to clean.
  • Washable: Just rinse with soap and water. It will be like new every single time!

Foundation’s Best Friend
If you’re tired of losing half your bottle of foundation to your makeup sponge, this clear silicone applicator is for you.

But even better than having fewer foundation empties is that this new applicator tool works crazy well. Like the popular SiliSponge, this Silicone Makeup Sponge gives you an airbrush-like finish to your foundation.

The secret to flawless coverage? 
Tap and push your cream-based makeup into the skin. The non-porous cover won’t soak in your foundation. The smooth, super flexible makeup applicator surface blends your foundation out to give you a similar airbrushed look to stippling, but you use half the foundation!

What else do you need to know?
Using a new technique like this takes practice! Let’s not all forget the disaster that was our first winged eye liner. The more you practice tapping and pushing the foundation out with the silicone sponge, the better your will be at achieving your desired look. Tap repeatedly to blend and settle.

Of course, a final blend can always be achieved with an oval brush or makeup sponge like the BeautyBlender! Using this Silicone Sponge to do the majority of the work means you will have to wash your other makeup tools less, so everything lasts you a whole lot longer – the perfect way to save some extra money for your next Sephora or Ulta haul!

Designed especially for liquid makeup application. Please note that this sponge is best used for BB/CC cream makeup and not suitable for powder.