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LED Light Eyelashes




The next level up in wearable electronic and interactive cosmetics! Be the LIFE of the party. Stand out from everyone else!

  • EASY & QUICK TO WEAR: really takes less than a minute to apply and will stay in place until you take them off.
  • WATERPROOF & 100% SAFE: Powered by a 3V coin battery (CR 2032) like in most watches, the LED lashes do not become warm even after continued use and will not be affected by sweat or rain.
  • ADJUSTABLE & REUSABLE: Suitable for all kinds of Parties, Raves, EDC, Halloween Costumes, etc…
  • DOES NOT HARM YOUR EYES: The light emitted only points outward so it does not interfere with your vision and you will barely notice it.

Most of the time, fake lashes can give you length and volume, but now…they can also make you glow, literally!

These false lashes are put on with eyelash glue, just like any others, but what makes them different is that they glow. Made with actual LEDs, the lashes come in pink, red, blue, light blue, white, yellow and green, and they have different modes, including scroll, dance and sparkle, that can be switched by the click of a button.

The controller is attached to the back of your head by hair clips and there ARE thin wires that connect to each eyelash, but they are nearly invisible unless someone is close to you. And in case you’re wondering – the light is not blinding.

What You Get: 2 x LED Light Eyelashes, 1 x Hair Clip, 1 x Controller.

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    Money Back Guarantee

    60 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We think you’re going to love these LED Light Eyelashes as much as we do! But in case you don’t, you are covered by our 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. We want our customers to be 100% happy.


    FAQ 1: How do they feel on the eyes?

    To be honest, they feel exactly like fake eyelashes. They are super lightweight and the wire doesn’t interfere at all. You hardly notice them after you put it on.

    FAQ 2: How long does the battery last?

    With a fresh battery, the LED lashes lasts up to 4-5 hours of continuous use. As the battery wears out, the lights will get dimmer, but in darker environments, you may not even notice. You can quickly replace the battery as needed; so if you are planning on using them for longer, simply bring along an extra battery.

    FAQ 3: Are the LED lashes reusable?

    Yes, the LED lashes are completely reusable. Treat the LED lashes with care while placing them on and taking them off and they can last for many applications.

    FAQ 4: What kind of lash adhesive do I need to use?

    Most brands of lash adhesives found at stores will work. There are some adhesives that require another solvent to loosen. We do not recommend using those despite their stronger hold.

    FAQ 5: Will the LED lashes explode or burn me while I’m wearing them?

    No, there is no chance of that happening if the LED lashes are used with exclusively with our Controller and a regular CR2032 battery.

    FAQ 6: Do the LED lashes come in different colors?

    Yes, the color choices are: White, Pink and Blue.

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