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High Quality Nano Mist Sprayer



  • Ultra high-speed vibration technology, splits water into tiny nanometer particles to make the effective components penetrate into the skin for deep hydration without ruining makeup
  • The gentle, refreshing and rejuvenating mist can sooth away the mild pain or itching that caused by overexposure from sunshine.
  • Easy To Use — Simply push down the switch to release a refreshing mist in just seconds.
  • Nano water molecules are light and ultra fine so they can penetrate into the basal cell layer quickly.
  • Automatically shuts itself off after 60 seconds.

Enjoy The Refreshing Mist Anytime & Anywhere- Use this Nano Steamer to moisturize and refresh your face, your hair, your body – anywhere you want to fight static, reduce wrinkles, or relieve minor irritations.

Portable Design and Elegant Appearance – Designed as a mini size in your handbag or pocket. The elegant design makes the sprayer great for personal use, or as a gift.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity of the liquid storage tank: 17ml
  • Power: 1.5W, 2 x AAA batteries (Package does not contain batteries)

Usage: Place your face 6 inches (15cm) away from the outlet to enjoy the freshness.