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Balcony Baby Safety Net




This Safety net is a premium safety net, with mesh made with heavier-grade fabric that is resistant to pulls and tears, unlike other safety net made of flimsy material. Soft, see-through mesh allows maximum visibility through the net; effortlessly blends in with your home decor. Weatherproof for Indoor and Outdoor use.

No more strings! Finally, a rail net that installs on your balcony or stair banisters with cable ties. Slip cable ties through the designated holes on the net and wrap around the handrail, or through the strong mesh holes and directly around the banisters or newel. No more messy strings!

With weather-resistant eye-hole screws that screw into the wood floor or deck railing post, to secure your Safety net tightly and neatly. Adjust your safety net easily with the releasable cable ties. Sides and bottom can be rolled back to customize length. Easy to clean: wipe down with soap and sponge or simply remove safety net and wash.

SIZE: you can choose the 6.5 feet long x 3 feet high or 10 feet long x 3 feet high size.

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300x76cm, 200x76cm